Dr Brom

Why Choose Homeopathy?

I am passionate about homeopathy for many reasons but let me give you just a few:


o   It is the safest form of medicine worldwide, with the least propensity to side-effects or iatrogenic diseases.

o This follows the medical Hippocratic Oath – ‘First Do No Harm’.

Antibiotic Resistance and Gut Microbiome Effects:

o   Currently conventional medicine has overused antibiotics to such an extent that there is increasing resistance, and antibiotics are becoming ineffective and, quite frankly, useless. This is posing a global threat to humanity and stands as an obstacle to the United Nation’s Sustainability Development Goals.

o   What do you do when the antibiotics no longer work? The World Health Organization (WHO) has started to recognize the necessity of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to fight antimicrobial resistance. And the WHO has recognized homeopathy as an ‘Integral Resource’ in fighting antimicrobial resistance.

o   It is becoming obvious to all doctors that alternatives are necessary to stop what the BBC has termed: ‘Antibiotic Apocalypse’.

o So many people go to conventional doctors who can do incredible things for them, but sometimes they cannot, and when people are told there is nothing more that conventional medicine can do for them, that is when homeopathy has generally been very supportive and therapeutic to many people. Some might say that is the reason it has survived this long.


o It is a sustainable form of health care, with minimal environmental effects. With reduced drug pollution. (Conventional drug pollution can add to antimicrobial resistance, some studies have shown that certain bacteria may be able to swop drug-resistance genes even in the polluted air).

Express not Suppress Symptoms:

o   It does not suppress your symptoms, on the contrary, it works with your symptoms, and views symptoms not as problems to suppress, but messages from your body, indicating a deeper pathology that needs to be corrected. By always striving to get to the root cause, this helps minimize and mitigate the need for chronic medications. Therefore, in the long term it can be a safer and ultimately much more economical form of treatment.

Personalized / Individualized Medicine:

o   Homeopathy, it is the original form of individualised medicine that works well with a genetic standpoint to analyse you as an individual and therefore tailor treatment to you as an individual, using precision medicine for individualised results.

Precision Medicine:

o   Currently the world medical view is moving away from the idea of ‘one drug to rule them all’, as a one drug to give everyone. One of the forefathers of this idea was Paul Ehrlich with his ‘Magic Bullet’ idea. That started with penicillin thought to kill bacteria. However, now we realize this idea can foster antimicrobial resistance.

o Modern medicine is finally starting to move to what Homeopathy has been saying for 200+ years – look at the person as an individual to give more personalized medicine. There are tremendous breakthroughs in, notably, cancer treatment in this regard. With analyzing people at a molecular level to see who would not respond to chemotherapy but other drugs better etc. These breakthroughs are astounding and encouraging, but they still not are at the level of precision of Homeopathy. And development and personalization of drugs with possible heavy adverse side effects in conventional medicine takes many decades to determine best practices.

o However, homeopathy, because it starts from a different medicinal understanding and premise side-steps these issues, because by analysing the individual and their specific symptoms one can determine which proved homeopathic medicine can most suit that person in a more targeted and personalized approach. I like to compare biomolecular markers with precision homeopathic medicines for scientific and personalized and targeted treatments, combining homeopathic, scientific principles.

This writing is the work of Dr L Brom and contains her ideas and concepts and is not to be used without her expressed written permission and not to be plagiarized.