Dr Brom


assorted labeled bottle on display shelf
Homoeopathic Treatments
a close up of a cell phone with a black background
Long Covid Bio-Therapeutics
a set of glasses
Medicial Examinations
Chronic Disease Support
Syringe and Capsules on White Surface
Homoeopathic Injections for many Conditions
person holding babys hand
Injury / Post-Operative Recovery
yellow straw in clear glass bottle
Diagnostic / Lab Testing
dna, adn, deoxyribonucleic acid
Genetic / DNA Testing
purple ribbon
Biochemical Testing
woman lying on bed white holding board
LifeStyle Advice
person holding green apple
Nutritional Advice - An Apple a day ... 😉
white plastic bottle on brown wooden table
Supplemental Advice
Woman in Black Shirt Holding White Towel
Individualized Skin Care Therapeutics & Treatments
open palm with syringe floating above
Support 'Detox' from mRNA and other VAERS recognized Vaccinosis
woman in black and white striped shirt
Mental / Emotional Dysregulation - Anxiety / Grief / Depression
Flat Lay Photo of Alternative Medicines
man jumping on brown rock formation
Vitamin B Injections - for Energy
woman wearing white lab coat holding brown bottle and glass tube
Medicinal Tinctures
a 3d image of a human with a red circle in his stomach
Ozone Therapy
purple and black light digital wallpaper
Work as part of a Multidisciplinary Team for a Precision medicine Approach, e.g. work with Oncologists and Molecular Pathologists to analyse Biomarkers for more tailored medications & treatment protocols, conventionally and homeopathically
a close up of a microscope on a table
Live Blood Analysis
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