Dr Brom

About Me

I am a qualified Geneticist, Biochemist and Molecular Cellular Biologist, &

Doctor of Homeopathy and Complementary Medicine.

This means that I am uniquely qualified to help you in truly holistic and scientific ways.

I have grown up with homeopathy, and due to this have never had an antibiotic in my life. I am not against antibiotics – they are lifesaving. But their overuse, over-prescription and misuse is what is leading to what is called the ‘antibiotic apocalypse’ where antibiotics will no longer work, this is affecting healthcare globally, for rich and poor alike. For instance, look at what happened with Madonna: https://pharmaphorum.com/rd/experts-warn-superbug-risks-after-madonnas-hospitalisation.

The time has come – and even the World Health Organization has acknowledged this – that homeopathy and alternative medicine needs to be utilized to offer alternatives for antibiotics (when necessary), to help stop rampant, dangerous antibiotic resistance, leading to rampant infections and more. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6378062/).

I am so passionate about this that my research focused on finding safer alternatives with antimicrobial effects to help offer solutions for the looming antimicrobial resistance catastrophe.

How I Practice:

I see you as an individual, never a medical condition statistic. Whilst two people might have the same overarching disease classification and diagnosis, we all know that there can be differences in how disease expresses itself in each individual.
That is why your mental, physical and emotional symptoms are so important to take cognizance of when treating.
I treat every individual regardless of race, religion or nationality, with care, kindness and my upmost intention to help and heal.

My training in Complementary Medicine, and Genetics as well as Biochemistry, and Molecular and Cellular biology, means that my abilities encompass a variety of disciplines and modalities of treatment, which gives you access to an integrated system of healing, holistically, taking into account scientific principles and individualized care. Additionally, my studies included the same medical subjects as studied by conventional doctors e.g. anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology etc., as well as additional subjects in complementary medicine, nutrition, phytotherapy and more.

When we work together, we work together as partners in your health, I do not subscribe to the notion of a dictatorial doctor. Homeopathy looks at all factors in health, this includes lifestyle and what are termed ‘obstacles to cure’. All of this has to be taken into account and to do so we have to work together, so we are both invested in your health.

Whilst Homeopathic and Complementary Doctors can use a multitude of modalities to treat, I highly favor administering homeopathic medicines, including in conjunction with other types of treatments. I use a variety of integrative & biotechnological techniques and medicinal interventions, but homeopathy when used properly and precisely can achieve incredible things on deep levels. I have seen this for myself and with many patients.

Precision Medicine

Besides my other qualifications I have completed Genetic and Biotechnological Post-Graduate courses in conventional Precision Medicine. This facilitates my using this knowledge holistically with Homeopathy and Complementary medicine, with regard to Personalized Medicine, as well as working in conjunction with specialists e.g. oncologists, to target biomarkers for more targeted and precision treatments, and integrative medicinal approaches.

Fun Facts About Me:

I have two beneficial bacteria named after me.

I discovered them from my research to find more natural ways to safely biodegrade (‘detox’) the environment from the toxic and xenoestrogenic effects of the pesticides that are used for current conventional treatment of Malaria.

I am the National Award Winner for Explaining Science to the General Public, especially in the areas of Genetics, Stem Cells and Biotechnology.

I am so passionate about homeopathy and what it can do for so many people when applied correctly, that I conceptualized, created and set-up a series of talks on complementary medicine, with a focus on homeopathy. This is for conventional doctors and medical practitioners to learn more about what referral to a homeopathic doctor can offer in conjunction with conventional treatments. So as to promote integrative medicine between homeopathic doctors and conventional doctors, with the intention to ultimately improve patient outcomes. This has proven so popular and informative for general and conventional medical practitioners that it has been extended to its own medical tract on the Medtalkz medical platform.

Listen to an example of the talks here: “Are Homeopathic Outcomes Due to the Placebo Effect?” https://www.medtalkz.com/cgi-bin/medtalkz/search.pl?latest:1359.

This writing is the work of Dr L Brom and contains her ideas and concepts and is not to be used in any capacity without her expressed written permission and not to be plagiarized.