Dr Brom

What To Look For When Choosing an Homeopath

  1. They are qualified, with suitable Degrees encompassing, anatomy, pathology, physiology (medical subjects) and of course homeopathy. Many people who are not qualified pretend to be homeopaths when they do not really know what they are doing, and are actually using herbals, leading to false impressions about true homeopathy. You are allowed to ask what degrees they have, in fact it is important.
  2. That you can connect with that doctor. It is very important that you feel comfortable enough with the homeopathic doctor to say how you feel exactly. Some homeopaths are very good, but as with any doctor (conventional or homeopathic), it is important to feel comfortable enough to share your true symptoms, thoughts, emotions or just physical ailments.
  3. That they actually practice homeopathy. Homeopaths can use many forms of treatment, but if you are going to a homeopath, it is important that they actually use homeopathy as well, and not necessarily only herbals, phyto-therapeutics, tinctures and/or supplements – that is not true homeopathy, and if you want to see a homeopath, it makes sense you are treated with homeopathic medicines. However, these other modalities can be used as well, depending on the patient and the circumstances, the disease conditions etc.

Disclaimer: These are my views and ideas on this, some other practitioners may have differing views, but these are important factors to consider when choosing a homeopath.